Talent Building

The true aim of education is to develop talent and to train children for shouldering responsibilities. This is done by exposing the students to a variety of practical situations.

Students are divided into five Houses:

Pant House Azad House
Bhagat Singh House Nehru House
Luxmi Bai House

These Houses are given duties in turn for maintenance of general discipline in the school. This is aimed to promote in the students a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Each House is in the charge of a House Master.

Responsibilities and Discipline are shared in a pyramidical system with:

A Head Boy and a Head Girl, chosen each year from Class 12
Student’s Council: President (Class 12)/Secretary (Class 11)
House Captain (Class 12)/Vice Captain (Class 11)
Games Captain (Class 12)/Vice Captain (Class 11)
Co-curricular Captain (Class 12)

Prefects: 2 from each House (Class 12/11)
2 from each House (Class 8) 2 from each House (Class 5)

Class Monitors: One girl and one boy are selected and assigned duties by teachers
Bus monitors maintain discipline in the school buses.

The following SUPW & House Activities are encouraged, with many more on the anvil:

Literacy English & Hindi Language (Public Speaking & Journalism
Dramatics Art/Music/Indian Dance
Maths/History/Science/Computer Science
Brass Band/NCC/Physical Health/Hospital Service
Book reading/Gardening/Knitting/Home Science
Ecology/Astronomy Club

One hour Remedial Classes for weak students of Class 10 & 12 after school hours.

The academic year is from April to March.

Examination System & Rules of Promotion

The student's academic and general progress is rated in three term tests and periodic unit tests in a year. Promotion is based on securing a minimum of 33% aggregate.

All students have to maintain minimum of 75% attendance including medical leave to qualify for promotion. Exemption is granted on the grounds of ill health and on submission of medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.

The results of the tests are made available to the Parent/Guardians through Report Cards which have to be signed by them and returned to the Class Teacher.

Talent Building