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Science Labs
• The School has spacious and fully equipped labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Home Science. The
students of Classes 6 -12 are given due facilities and practice for conducting necessary practicals.
• For Primary Classes i.e. Class 1-5, the school has Science Kits. The students of these classes are made familiar with elementary articles of science apparatus in order to create and promote in them the taste for learning science.

Book Stall
For the convenience of the students and guardians, the School has a Book Stall from where all the course books and stationery items are available at prescribed prices. It is ensured that the bookseller sells the latest editions of the prescribed books to the students.

School Canteen
The School has a Canteen for the students. It is ensured that the eatables of the canteen are fresh and are supplied at reasonable rates. The eatables are prepared under hygienic conditions.

Classes for Music and Dance are conducted as part of School Activities. A multi-purpose auditorium is used for presenting cultural shows and other related activities.

The School has a fleet buses & provides transport facilities but offers no guarantee that a seat in the school bus will be offered, when the buses are Full to capacity / do not ply in the area of your residence. It will be the responsibility of the parent / guardians to drop / collect the children from the specified bus stop. Transport once provided will not be discontinued during the academic Session.



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