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Set up under the aegis of South Delhi Education Society, this Public School imparts education in human unity.

Dedicated to providing quality education at an economical cost, the educational Programme of this institution is directed

• to nurture the young minds

• to enable them to become able citizens

• to prepare them to take on the challenge of the High-Tech age

The school has a twin-fold approach to make the young minds bloom and become healthy and progressive human beings. This is through:

Convergence of Skill, Aptitude and Hard Work

Focus on Personality Development

Our emphasis is to make the student imbibe the values of Indian Culture by creating an environment that develops Relationships through Responsibility. The school inculcates in its students a sense of Confidence, Self Discipline and Rationality.

South Delhi Public School has set its sight on developing the young psyche through a judicious mix of Moral, Temporal and Spiritual education. The approach is:

• to identify Talent and assist its acceleration towards maturity through optimal teaching methods.

• to provide Quality Education that fortifies mental, physical and psychological capabilities.

• to create conditions that blossom the young mind's Quest for Creativity.

• to cultivate a harmony of Scientific Attitude




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