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School Transport facility is for the existing routes only. Parent/Guardians should however ascertain the transport facility for their places of residence prior to seeking admission of their wards.

Tuition Fees shall be paid for the full academic year i.e. for 12 months irrespective of the date and month of admission. The academic year starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March.

Conveyance Charges of Bus shall be paid for 11 months i.e. from April to March next year except for the month of June. Discontinuance of Transport Service for a short period shall not be permissible. One-side transportation is also not permissible.

Tuition Fees and Conveyance Charges shall be paid for the full month irrespective of the date of admission in that month.

Admission Fees, Tuition Fees and Conveyance Charges, or any other charges once deposited, shall not be refunded by the school.

An increase in school dues may occur annually.

Payment at the time of admission is to be made in Online/POS/NEFT.

Caution Money if not claimed within 6 months from the date of withdrawal of the student(s) will lapse to the school. Refund will be made only on surrendering the Original Receipt.

Fees is to be deposited bi-monthly.

Bi-monthly fees is payable by 10th of 1st month of currency period. The schedule for fees is as follows:

Fee for the currency period Last day for depositing fees
April - May 10th April
June - July 10th June
August - September 10th August
October - November 10th October
December - January 10th December
February - March 10th February

Change of Address must be notified to the school in writing at the earliest.


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